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We Live to Love You

Hi, it’s Amicus this time.  Had a conversation of sorts with MAFP (my awesome forever person) and we agreed that as this is, in fact, supposed to be my blog (being the titular character and all) that I should get to stick my long collie nose in here once in a while and address you personally, so that’s what I’m doing, even though I am very busy with a specific challenging marrow extraction right now, rubber balls to chew, and of course my opera to write, but I wanted to say a word on behalf of my fellow hounds and also felt it was time to own this blog for a while.

It’s really really important to have people defending us, me and the other dogs, because we can’t do it.  We can whine, cry, hide, bleed, ache, and die, but we can’t really make a change to how we’re treated sometimes.  Only people can do that.

Many many years, (like thousands) we gave ourselves over to you lot with love, loyalty, and our whole hearts.  We of all the animals, no offence to cats or other pets (I figure they can write their own blogs), but we the dogs decided that we would be the closest, we would make you our everything, our god, even, if you like, and we would dedicate ourselves to protecting you and yours, to loving you with our entirety, and all we wanted was something to eat, a bit of warmth, and some love.

Sounds like a good deal, huh?  We’ll never go back on this deal, never.  No matter how you treat us.  So we really need you to make sure that no one takes advantage of our promise to be yours completely.  We need your protection and your help.  We will give you everything, anyway, but if you can, please help us.

Many of my brothers and sisters are locked up cold and lonely, some of them are really old and some are sick and some look funny or are totally misunderstood, and you’re their only hope.  They’re just waiting to give you everything they are.  Just waiting.  If you can help them in a big way and bring them home, that would be great.  If you can give a bit of money, or blankets, or food, or help them in any small way, I personally would be so happy.  I was where a lot of them are.  I was about to die because I was so scared and sad that I felt I had to be mean and strong.  MAFP came and brought me home, anyway.  She’s my everything, I have given myself to her forever.

MAFP has Christmas treats hid away for me.  She doesn’t think I know, but of course I do, and I know her own forever people are going to visit us and they probably will give me treats, too.  It is good.  And I can play with young forever people who are smaller and scratch my belly lots and who I like to follow everywhere when they visit.  They smell good.

I have really liked writing to you all.  I love you very much.  That is what we do, us dogs.  We love you.  Have a very merry holiday and, on behalf of my fellow hounds, know that our promise to you is forever every day all year round.  We live to love you.  Please love us back.

Thank you.
Amicus Black 


About Andrea Layne Black

writer/painter/explorer&comrade of Amicus,houndextraordinaire

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  1. Wonderful blog. You are so smart and special!. Thanks for taking good care of my friend.!


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