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Right Now is What Matters

Even though I definitely should be working right now, I felt a sudden pressing need to update the world a.k.a. my three readers on Amicus’ progress because I typed in my name to google and some of the blog entries came up saying, “Amicus is definitely a fearful dog,” and while that was true at the time I wrote it, I want to strongly vehemently vigorously (you get the idea, right) stress that Amicus is definitely NOT a fearful dog any more, nor is he an aggressive dog.  He has been doing brave, wonderful, and sweet things and that is the current truth of Amicus. We just visited my best friends, and Farther, their nine-year-old pit bull/lab cross, and Amicus are now sensai and student, respectively, and fast fearless friends.  Amicus and I climbed Valentine Mountain using only deer trails and sheer will power.  Amicus has charmed both trainers in town because they’re smart observant experts who know a good thing when they see it.   Amicus does stick up for himself if he has to, but if you love him, he loves you.  He gives what he gets and he’s a work in progress.  Amicus is not a destination, he’s a journey.  Amicus loves dogs, except for two or three out of 100, and frankly my guess is they’re assholes, anyway, or maybe they just like mixing it up a bit.  He frolics, romps, and gambols – yes, gambols – when he meets other dogs and his big goofy mouth stretches back in a mammoth dog grin and his fluffy tail with its tiny tip of white goes awiggy-waggy.  He only occasionally barks at people when they come up behind us in the forest and that’s his job, right, and he shuts up pretty darn quick if I speak clearly to him in Dog.  So the current “in the now” truth of the matter is that Amicus is just a normal, happy, slightly reactive, and delightful houndie hound and, as for me, I am doing swell learning how normal, happy, slightly reactive, and delightful I am, too.


About Andrea Layne Black

writer/painter/explorer&comrade of Amicus,houndextraordinaire

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  1. Happy to read this, Andrea. your posts always brighten my day and give me encouragement. It’s easier being human learning from critters (including human critters). Thank you

    • What a powerful affirmative loving statement about Amie!! I can’t wait to meet him! Hugs and kisses to you, Amie, and you, AndreaLayne!


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